Leonard Szrama: From dawn to denial

From dawn to denial

Leonard Szrama

I wanted to join when an infant
Played soldiers every playtime

Life’s taken away in an instant
But the smell stays with you a lifetime

Laughing, shouting, running
Flowers trodden offer no resistance

Once we would have been shot at dawn
Now they deny our existence

We used to take our dads kit
For realism we always tried

But it wasn’t anything like it
When your friends, they really died

And when the game was won
Its back home and time for bed

Now I can’t sleep for a night, not one
Without seeing our hearing the dead

So here we are its 2014, and how does our story go
We’re really just an embarrassment, and nobody wants to know

So let’s commemorate 1914, a national conscience revival
And let’s give thanks to the progress made

A hundred years from dawn to denial.

© Leonard Szrama 2014