3 Investments for Your Home That Will Save You Money in the Long Run

a window with a plant in it

Investing in your property is commonplace for homeowners in the United States. Making upgrades, quality of life changes, and luxury replacements are the best way to ensure that you will always enjoy the space that your home offers, and encourage a boosted resale value for the future. Indeed one of the key failings of many U.S. homeowners is that they forget that a real estate asset is a financial vehicle, and likely your most valuable asset overall.

As the coronavirus pandemic eventually begins to subside, homeowners are expected to continue spending in record numbers on home improvement projects for their spaces—this trend is already beginning to emerge all across the U.S. in fact. The correlation seems obvious in hindsight: As homeowners were forced to work from their living room or kitchen table for the last year and a half, cracks in the veneer of an idyllic home began to emerge. Now, as contractors are able to freely offer their services to homeowners, people are jumping at the opportunity to enact systemic changes that will dramatically improve their home lives and level of comfort.

With these three areas of investment, maintaining a fantastic home that offers the comfort and peace of mind that you deserve can be made simple.

1. Bring in a warranty plan for the greatest peace of mind.


A warranty plan is a great option for any homeowner faced with a number of necessary maintenance tasks all at once. You know you’re staring down the barrel of a massive maintenance project if you’ve been lucky enough to avoid any major expenses in the previous year or two. Standard wear and tear take its toll on all aspects of our lives, and this includes the systems and amenities in the home as well. With a home warranty plan, you can rest easy knowing that if a leak occurs in an appliance, your water heater stops producing warm water, or any other major appliance or home system stops working you can get the help you need to fix or install a new appliance from the industry’s most skilled technicians.

A home warranty plan is a must for anyone planning home improvement projects as well. With a service contract, you ensure that each of the maintenance tasks that typically come with owning a home will be covered, and with the bundled discounts that come with the offer of a warranty plan, your home warranty provider will fix any issues in the home at a great price reduction that can help you store away additional cash for any upcoming expenses that you have planned.

2. Replace aging windows for maximum energy efficiency.


Window replacements are another big saver for homeowners. The windows are a primary creator of energy efficiency loss, which translates into an overextended air conditioning system and additional heating and cooling costs all year.

Hiring an installer like Mad City Windows to come and fit new windows in your home is easy and affordable, and it can make all the difference in both your home’s resale value and in your monthly energy bill. With new windows, you have an added security measure against natural threats and human intruders built-in to your home.

3. Add an extension for additional square footage and comfort.


Lastly, adding an extension (perhaps a new bathroom with a walk-in shower, or a den to facilitate family movie nights) is a great way to make your property the talk of the town. Not only does an extension give you the extra space you may be looking for in your daily life, but it will also make your property a hot commodity on the market when you eventually consider selling the place and moving on to a new home that better suits your family’s needs.

This is particularly helpful for those who are continuing to work from home as well. With the addition of dedicated office space, making that morning commute from the bedroom to the workspace becomes far more productive.

With these three areas of focus, investing in the long-term health of your home, both in terms of comfort and financial strength, can be made to be second nature.