3 Products Any Jewelry Store Needs To Carry

a group of gold earrings

A jewelry store is the perfect business venture for those who love detail-oriented work. Plus, this kind of store allows you to display the latest trends and styles to your potential customers. Choosing inventory for your shop is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make. So when it comes time to picking out which products, your store should carry you should make sure to consider these top three options.

1. Quality Lifestyle Pieces


Arguably one of the most important items to include at your store are lifestyle pieces that are both high quality and in style with the current fashion trends. If you’re looking to fulfill both of these desires, then classic necklaces hit both of those markers. They should come in a variety of metals, like a silver necklace or gold necklace. In addition to these options, there are classic pendant necklaces that work for certain tastes. Some necklaces boast two chains, one longer and one shorter which shows off a bit more style and flair to make a stunning statement.

If double-chained necklaces and long pendants aren’t suiting your desires, shorter necklaces that show off beautiful stones in many different colors are also a great option. At your storefront, you should sell a variation of these necklaces that showcase eye-catching pearls, emeralds, obsidians, or amethysts. On the other hand, you can opt for simple plain pendants in gold or silver without gemstones, too. No matter the selection that your customer desires, by having a wide variety of these necklaces in stock, you’re committing to a great way to start your store out on the right foot.

2. Menswear


If you’re trying to have a store that does good business, it’s a great idea to expand your market to accommodate a broader audience. What this means is that you should carry men’s options, too. Regardless of any opinion, many men wear earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches. For some men, it comes naturally to opt for the classic look of their wedding band. Sometimes, they’ll also wear a watch. However, the days are gone where this classic look is the only way for men to wear their desired pieces.

Even though it’s more common for men to venture out and purchase pieces they love, they may still struggle to figure out how to style their pieces. If this is the case for men looking for a necklace, bracelet, or ring, then use this style guide that might help them choose something that makes them feel confident. In turn, by expanding your horizons at your store and providing necklace and ring options for men, you’re allowing more customers to flock to you for all of their jewelry needs.

3. Engagement and Wedding Rings


When many people think of a jeweler, they generally think of rings. When most people think of rings, it’s hard to ignore the overwhelming presence of engagement rings and wedding rings in the jewelry business. Many customers will come into your store looking at rings for their engagement and bands for their wedding day. Considering that the average customer searching for an engagement ring spends $5,500, you can make a big sale when you opt to carry these rings in your store.

With all of this being said, anyone who has experienced the chaos of a wedding knows that planning an epic wedding reception is just one of the stresses of the big day. By carrying a wide selection of wedding and engagement rings, you make your store the one-stop-shop for both brides and grooms. This way, they can worry less about their rings and more about the big day!