5 Gifts for the Canna-Enthusiast

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The cannabis industry began booming more than ever a few years ago, and now that we’re in 2021, the industry is estimated to have a net worth of approximately 14.9 billion dollars. This data was analyzed in 2020, which likely means it’s only going to grow in 2021. Being that it’s such a large business, some of us may have friends who enjoy indulging in cannabis use. Despite the DEA denying most of the country the freedom to legally enjoy and relax with a natural substance that is known for helping people in physical and emotional distress. In some states, however, marijuana has been legalized on a federal level.

CBD products, on the other hand, are legal throughout the United States. CBD, another cannabinoid with medicinal benefits, also has some of the same medicinal properties. To those of you who are capable of lighting up and enjoying a joint (or two,) eating some edibles, or ripping a dab, we salute you.

We like to call people who are pro-cannabis “canna-enthusiasts.” There’s nothing wrong with relaxing with some marijuana or CBD. Cannabinoids have been around since 2737 BC, so why shouldn’t we be allowed to use this medicine? The contents of cannabis are considered more healthy than pharmaceutical anti-anxiety medications. You can always find a good gift for a THC or CBD lover, it’s actually quite simple. Here are some gift ideas we’ve come up with so you can give your stoner friends a gift or two they’ll never forget.

1. Dry Herb


Dry herb, otherwise known as a flower, is the best gift you can give a fellow canna-enthusiast. Who wouldn’t want some buds that are picked directly from the cannabis plant? THC formally named tetrahydrocannabinol, is a psychoactive compound from the cannabis plant. There are actually 113 known cannabinoids inside of the plant itself. If THC isn’t on a recreational level yet in your state, then you can always give the gift of CBD products like vapes or tinctures. Those are derived from the hemp plant and are generally still enjoyed by canna-lovers. Unfortunately, the DEA hasn’t decriminalized and legalized marijuana throughout the entire United States. With that said, we have made many great strides in the past few years.

2. Smoking Veil


A smoking Veil is a great device if you enjoy smoking because it hides the aroma of cannabinoids, like CBD or THC. The veil is a great instrument for any stoner friend or the person in your life who uses weed as a form of medicine. You’ll see how greatly the recipient appreciates this present when they’re not experiencing paranoia over the smell of smoke. Sometimes, people have adverse reactions to smoking and one of them is believing cops or relatives will smell the scent of the pot being burned.

3. Vape Cartridges


Cartridges are a great product because they are formulated by extracting oils from the cannabis flower, which then turns them into a smokable (technically, vape-able) product. You can get carts with tetrahydrocannabinol that are derived from the cannabis plant or you can get them with another cannabinoid, Delta 8. Delta-8-THC is known to have anti-anxiety, pain relief, and other effects. Plus, it’s completely legal and proven to provide a similar euphoric high compared to regular THC. Delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol has proven itself to be an outstanding product.

4. Edibles and Tinctures


For the canna-enthusiasts who can’t stand smoke but love to get stoned, there are edibles and tinctures. Edibles are made from the extract that comes from the cannabis or hemp plant, sometimes a combination of both, and then it’s turned into an oil. Cannabis manufacturers formulate different types of food using a blend of oil and other ingredients. On the market, you can find everything from gummies and cookies to olive oil and barbeque sauce. Edibles and tinctures are especially beneficial for people that need chemotherapy, as it has been known to relieve nausea and help increase appetite without agitating the lungs or throat.

5. Smoking Devices


There are so many different instruments you can smoke out of nowadays, in addition to the many talented glass blowers who create different pipes, bongs, bowls, and more. It’s a nice surprise and a great gift for a fellow canna-enthusiast, trust us, they will thank you. The prices of smoking devices range from $30 to upwards of $1000, depending on the piece you decide to purchase. Essentially, it comes down to how much this person means to you, along with how much you can afford. After all, money doesn’t buy us, love.