Career Ideas for Tech Savvy Students

a laptop computer on a desk

Choosing a career path can be a challenging decision. You need to apply to a college or trade school, invest in a program, and commit your time to training. So, it’s important to choose a career that aligns with your skills and fulfills you. 

If you took an interest in technology during high school, there are plenty of career paths that could be fitting for you. And there is a need for professionals in these careers. The following are just some career ideas for tech savvy students. 

Civil engineer

As cities expand their boundaries and develop more efficient systems, civil engineers are in higher demand than ever. In fact, project, environmental, civil, and structural engineers will experience a 24-31 percent increase in demand over the next ten years. To enter this field, you will likely need at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering. You may have your pick of career locations after that. You might work for the government, for a private company, or for a non-profit organization to fulfill various development needs. 

IT professional

Any student who enjoys computers and figuring out how systems work can enjoy a job in IT. Whether you work for a company, school, or hospital, this job requires you to solve problems and build network systems from the ground up. And as IT systems and best practices change, you will have opportunities for continuing education. The CCNA exam, for example, can show your expertise in Cisco Systems. This type of in-depth knowledge will make you more marketable in your career. 

Software developer

If you are interested in building applications and websites, you may want to pursue a career as a software developer. This profession is great for any student who is tech-savvy and creative. You can enter the field as a developer at a company or start a freelance career, whether you are creating ecommerce websites like thestore which sells electronics and home goods, or developing an app for a company. And fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities to grow. You can later seek a career as a software architect, development manager, or similar role. 

Cloud engineer

Cloud computing is another growing field, as more companies and organizations rely on the cloud to support their data storage. By entering this profession, you have access to various paths for career development and change. You can work in cloud computing as a software engineer, security engineer, or network engineer. As you develop expertise, you might also pursue a career as a consultant, developing cloud systems for new and existing businesses. This is generally a lucrative career path, and you will be tasked with frequent problem solving. 

Skilled trade worker

While may tech-driven jobs center on computers and networks, you have other options as a tech-savvy individual. If you are looking for a hands-on job that keeps you on your feet each day, you may have success as a skilled trade worker. Professions like HVAC technicians, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, and construction workers are constantly in demand and offer room to learn new skills. These jobs allow you to maintain essential technology, while interacting directly with customers. Whether you work as a subcontractor or open your own business, trade careers are generally steady paths.

When you decide to pursue a technology-centered career, be sure to find out what the education requirements will be. You may need to attend a trade school or even earn your master’s degree. However, keep in mind that you can enter a technological field within your means. Working in a role is the best way to learn the required skills, and you can climb the ladder as you lean and progress.