How to Convince a Lawyer to Take Your Case

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Here’s the thing. Lawyers aren’t top-of-the-shelf products that you can purchase at any time. They’re spokespeople that ensure the most favorable presentation outcome of your case. Therefore, you’re entering into an attorney-client relationship whenever you hire a lawyer. Building a trustworthy relationship with a lawyer sometimes takes more than just having cash to throw around, especially when the burden of proof is on your side.

So, if you want an attorney that’ll be compassionate and ready to put themselves in your shoes so that you can get favorable verdicts, here are a few tips on how to convince a lawyer to take your case.

1. Be Prepared


Before booking an appointment, do your homework for informational purposes. Put together the exact date and time of your claims as accurately as possible. You don’t want to waste time, especially when you don’t have a free consultation. Besides, it’ll be frustrating if you can’t coherently present your facts. Even worse, you may end up missing out on critical points that could help your case.

Don’t assume the lawyer will instantly know what to do. Attorneys aren’t miracle workers; they can only work with the info you present. That’s why it’s best to present cases on time when the event is fresh in your memory. That being said, only the best lawyer will be able to represent your case accurately.

To find the best lawyer, a quick Google search might help. Let’s say you had an accident at work, and you’re after the best legal services in the Long Beach area, a quick search for “Long Beach accident lawyer” might pull in a few good results. One example is Daniel Kim. He has over a decade of legal experience in personal injury, traffic accidents, car accidents, with a 99% success rate. For issues like an insurance claim, Kim and his team work hard to get their clients’ maximum compensation.

2. Dress the Part


It’s vital to present yourself well when visiting potential lawyers at their law firm. As the saying goes, “first impressions matter.” You don’t want to see a reputable attorney looking poorly dressed. You may not even get the chance to present your issue if you can’t even get past the secretary.

For this reason, you’ll do well to dress classy. You don’t need to break the bank to look elegant. Just be well-groomed and tidy. For ladies, this means no badly glued false lashes or overdone makeup. If you must wear lashes, options like Lush lash are a good fit as they offer exquisite magnetic eyelashes from Glamnetic. Their classy, glue-free natural lash is available with fast delivery and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

3. Be on Time


All legal cases have a timeline before you have to protect your claim. Wasting too much time might make it difficult for you to find representation. Depending on your case, some lawyers may not offer you their service because of how hard it is to gather evidence. Maintaining a good reputation and undefeated track record is more important than cheap legal fees for many attorneys. If you wait until your statute of limitation blows up, you may have no case. While cases like accident claims have relatively long statutes of limitation, it’s in your best interest to contact your personal injury attorney on time.

4. Be Honest


Just as it’s not advisable to lie about your symptoms to your doctor, you can’t afford to lie about your situation if you want the best legal advice. No matter how strange your case might be, stick to the truth. Not presenting the truth makes the case difficult for an attorney, especially if the burden of proof is on your side.

Even if you feel there’s some negligence on your part, you’d be surprised that you’d have a favorable outcome after telling the truth. If an attorney decides to turn down your case after hearing your side, there’s no need to fret. Ask them to recommend you to another lawyer.