Tips for Moving Across the Country for College

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Going to college for the first time and moving across the country are both big life changes. If you’re about to move across the country to attend college for the first time, you’re likely feeling excited about not only the move process but your new life ahead. Before making this big transition, it’s a good idea to call on the professionals like movers, storage services, and even real estate agents who can make your relocation easier and even more exciting. For a few things, you’ll want to do before moving across the country to attend school, read on.

Hire a Moving Company


One of the best things you can do to make your move across the country easy is to hire a professional moving company. The best moving companies will take much of the stress of moving your personal and expensive belongings on a long trip away. To hire a professional mover to help with your move plan, start by looking up moving companies in your area. For example, you’d want to Google “moving companies in Maryland” if you currently live in Baltimore even if you’re moving to California.

Use Your Connections


When moving a long distance it can be helpful to make the most of your social and other networks. The same way you might have worked hard to become a member of the Honor Society Foundation or another elite group during high school, you’ll want to put some focused thought into the people you know and groups you are a part of.

For example, if you attended an orientation or other event as you went through the application process, now might be a good time to reach out to your connections from your new school. Whether it’s planning a meet-up upon your arrival, asking advice about storage or places to stay as you make your move, or simply building those bonds now, knowing that you’ll have a support system in place when you get to school could help to take some anxiety out of your move.

Maybe you’re moving from New Hampshire to Florida and have relatives who already live in the Tampa area. Letting them know about your move ahead of time will be a great way to feel like you have resources in your new home and community before you even get there.

Make a Moving Checklist


As you begin to pack for your move, it’s a good idea to start a checklist of items you’ll want to take with you. This will include the best technology for students, clothing, and the furnishings and other items you’ll need to make your new apartment or dorm room feel more like home. By having a checklist ahead of time, you’ll have a better sense of what you may need to buy when you arrive or before leaving, too.

When making your checklist, don’t forget to consider sentimental belongings that will help you to make the adjustment to a new home. The reality is that many people feel homesick in their first few months away from their original home. Having these items on hand will help and soon enough, you’ll be making new memories at school.

In the end, you’ll have the best experience reaching your new address if you take the time to research storage units, movers, and other professionals with years of experience in making long-distance moves easy. In taking the time now to find a mover who will do a wonderful job in helping you out, you’ll set yourself up for success as you enter college. Best of luck on your move and congratulations on being accepted into college!