Top 5 Pieces of Advice From Restaurant Managers

a person standing in a room

There’s a lot more to restaurant management than most people realize. Not only do you have to make schedules and place inventory orders. You also are usually expected to greet guests, oversee operations, expand sales, and keep track of your budget. That being said, it can be a highly rewarding and lucrative career for the right person. But making it in this industry requires a lot of dedication and a little help from your peers. Here are a few pieces of advice to help you out.

1. You’re not supposed to do everything.

It’s fairly common for owners and managers of any business to feel like they have to do everything. Without making a few adjustments, it quickly becomes a juggling act that’s the fastest path to burnout and disaster. You were never meant to do everything. That’s why you have a staff. Stick to what you’re good at. Use your strengths to the best of your ability and delegate the rest. This way, your talents, and skills aren’t scattered into too many areas to be effective. Plus, you’ll have a much happier and loyal staff if you let them do what they’re good at.

2. Promote transparency with your staff.

Employees are no longer happy with just clocking in and doing as they’re told year in and year out. Instead, they want to feel like they’re part of a team and that someone really values their opinions. This is particularly true with millennials, who need to be challenged and feel that they have some say in their own jobs. With turnover rates as high as they are in the restaurant industry, it’s important to do something to make them want to stay.

3. Plan your kitchen well.

Ask any chef or restaurant manager and they will tell you: Kitchen design is everything. From prep stations to serving setup, the flow of your full kitchen will make a big difference in how quickly food is prepared and sent to the tables. Whether it’s a new kitchen or a complete remodel for a brewery, quality products and accessories can help you maintain relevance. So, whether you’re just starting to build or your workspace needs a remodel, hire someone highly experienced to help you out. Local or area pros will usually be the most reasonable, so for a restaurant in Colorado, you can go with kitchen designers in Denver. Designers can help you gain peace of mind by assisting with interior design every step of the way. Design specialists can aid your kitchen to remodel by helping you select appliances, countertops, fixtures, and finishes. Even if you need a new granite floor or custom cabinetry for your kitchen cabinets, many design specialists take prior purchases into account and act as craftsmen for your kitchen remodel.

4. Dress the part.

As a restaurant manager, everyone is watching you. Your staff is getting their cues for professionalism from how you present yourself. Your customers are paying attention to you to decide how well the restaurant is run. And your owners are making sure you’re up to the task and someone they can count on to take care of their business. Appearances really are everything, but fortunately, it’s not hard to look the part. A quick internet search for “shopping near me” will provide you with a lot of options for finding the perfect outfit. And if outfit styling isn’t your thing, check out online ads, Pinterest, or store mannequins for the latest trends and how to put outfits together.

5. Be consistent with your recipes.

Nothing is more frustrating to a patron than to find an item on a menu they love only to be disappointed when they don’t get the same quality the next time. This also goes for changing up recipes or ingredients. You will occasionally have to do this due to the availability of certain products or low sales of a particular menu item. Just do your best not to make this a habit.