Unique Wedding Venues for Nontraditional Couples

a man and woman in costume

There’s nothing like wedding planning to put you through the ultimate stress test. One of the hardest things for nontraditional couples is finding the best venue to hold their nuptials.

Planning a destination wedding allows you to draw inspiration from things you and your future spouse both love and enjoy together. Indeed, you have your own experiences from which to draw inspiration for the ideal wedding style and the perfect venue, but we’ve got some wedding ideas you might like as well. Continue reading to get some ideas for untraditional wedding venues.

Proposal Wedding


This first wedding idea is for the partner planning the ultimate proposal who doesn’t mind taking a slight risk. However, if you and your partner already live together and you know for a fact your partner wants to marry you, it should be a blast.

One way to skip the wedding planning process and the headaches that come with it is to stage your proposal and the wedding together. Take your significant other out for dinner at their favorite fine-dining spot, and invite your and their family members and close friends. They’ll expect something when they see your loved ones at the restaurant waiting on you—they’ll probably even expect a marriage proposal, but they won’t be expecting to get married on the spot.

At some point during the meal, get everyone’s attention, and make your proposal. At this point, your partner will think you staged a proposal and engagement party. After you’ve proposed, remain on one knee, and ask your partner if they’ll marry you on the spot, and have the rest of your wedding party stand to reveal their role in the plot and their readiness for your wedding. If all goes as planned, it will be a special day that everyone at the restaurant will always remember.



What better venue is there for animal lovers to say “I do” than the zoo? If you and your significant other both have a love for wild animals, why not get married at the one place you know is full of them?

If you don’t mind the sounds of lions roaring, alligators grumbling, and chimps playing, then getting married at the Miami Zoo is a cool way to mix your love for your significant other with your love for the animal kingdom. Miami Zoo prices are low at this time of year being that the peak season has passed, and there are also coupons online for kids and adults. So, book your reservation for your Miami Zoo destination wedding, and enjoy the day with the whole family!

Cosplay Event


Another great way to tie the knot is for you and your partner to dress like the lead characters from your favorite sci-fi, anime, or fantasy show or movie. Cosplay themes are fun for all involved and take away some of the pressure of having to find the perfect outfit for everyone. Simply make some of your cosplay friends your wedding party and let them get in on the act as well.

Many people spend a lot of time trying to find the perfect venue for their big day. The planning process can indeed be stressful, but the most important thing for the groom and bride is to enjoy their wedding day and the company of their family members and close friends.

The first step to finding the right venue for your special day is deciding on the best wedding style for you and your future spouse. It’s also important to give yourselves and the wedding planner enough time to find the right wedding venue, plan the decor, and dress the wedding party. Regardless of where you exchange vows and wedding rings, it’s sure to be a magical experience.