10 Gifts Your Parents Will Actually Want

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Buying presents for your parents can be difficult. I mean, what do you get the people who not only gave you life but also seem to have everything? Smart buyers know that gifting isn’t necessarily about the gift itself so much as it is about the thought that’s put into it. (Clichés become clichés for a reason, after all). If you need some ideas to get started, here are 10 gifts that your parents will actually enjoy.

1. Appliance Repair

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2. Jewelry

Let’s be honest—you’d be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn’t enjoy gifts that sparkles to the naked eye. For affordable and gorgeous jewelry check out Agape Diamonds reviews where you can find great deals on whatever type of jewelry we’re looking for! Maybe mom would like jewelry made with premier simulated diamonds that captures the beauty of a natural stone. Or, maybe mom and dad would love it if you found out their ring sizes and got them an updated matching wedding band set from Agape Diamonds.

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3. A Roomba

Mom and dad aren’t getting any younger, which may mean they’re beginning to have a hard time with regular household tasks. So, get them a Roomba and take away the annoying task of vacuuming.

4. Travel

Maybe there’s a great experience from your childhood that you and your parents shared together in a particular place? Give them easy access to this memory by recreating the experience.

5. Family Photos

According to an article published in Psychology Today late last year, research findings suggest that people would prefer to receive sentimental gifts more frequently than they currently do. There’s not a lot more sentimental than a photo of your family all together in a personalized frame.

6. Bikes

More than one in four Americans (28 percent) over 50 do not engage in physical activity despite the fact that it prevents premature death and promotes healthy aging, according to the CDC. Therefore, getting your parents an adorable bike set is a great way to encourage them to be more active while letting them know you care.

7. Massage Chair

Back pain is more common as you age (starting as young as 30), according to the Mayo Clinic. So, it seems likely that mom and dad would enjoy taking turns in a deluxe massage chair!

8. Fruit of the Month Club

According to the CDC, roughly 90 percent of American adults don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables despite the fact that fruits and vegetables help prevent disease and premature death. Make a natural choice (pun intended) and make it a bit easier for mom and pop to at least eat more fruit with a subscription to a fruit of the month club.

9. A Relaxing Trip

According to an article in Psychology Today, a study revealed that the “gift of experience” helped strengthen relationships better than mere material gifts. Whether it’s a family trip with you or a couple’s getaway for the two of them, get them a relaxing vacation to somewhere they’ve been wanting to go.

10. Gift Basket

You know when you’re shopping, and you see little knick-knacks and other items that you think one (or both) of your parents would love? Well, start collecting these things, and then when a gift opportunity comes around you will be ready to throw together a gift basket or a gift box (you can find all kinds of beautiful presentation boxes at craft stores). This can be a superior alternative to an impersonal gift card when you’re running low on ideas.