5 Useful Products and Services That Make Life Easier for Seniors

an old woman sitting on a table

People are living longer due to medical advancements. Once individuals reach the age of 65 they are considered seniors. Today, there are approximately 46 million seniors in the United States. The U.S. Census Bureau expects the number of individuals 65 years of age or older to rise to 80 million by 2050.

Seniors often have issues with balance as their muscle and tissue breaks down. Heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis are all common illnesses among seniors. Seniors also lose body heat faster, which is why many spend the winter months in the south. Many seniors benefit from specific products that are designed to help them with their specific needs.

1. Hearing Aids


Many seniors experience hearing loss. They can turn to the audiology professionals at Hearing Health USA to have a hearing test. The audiologist will determine if they need hearing aids. The audiologists at Hearing Health USA provide expert, professional service and are trained to thoroughly evaluate both hearing and balance issues.

Audiologists may clean your ears and can advise you about how to protect your hearing. They are also equipped to help you develop effective communication methods if you have already lost your hearing.

2. Car Shipping


Millions of seniors head to southern states every year and live there during the winter months. Many of these individuals opt to fly south and turn to car shipping industry leader Easy Car Shipping to provide auto transport. This car shipping company will transport their vehicle to their winter address. The level of service that Easy Car Shipping provides ensures that seniors will receive their vehicles quickly. The transport time varies based on distance. Cars being shipped between 600 and 1000 miles are usually delivered in 3 days or less.

3. Walker Bag


Americans are increasingly dependent on walking aids. While some opt for canes, Consumer Reports indicated that over 11% of Americans used walkers as of 2015. This means over 35 million walkers were in use in the United States alone.

Since many seniors have balance and mobility issues they can opt to use a walker bag to carry personal items. Walker bags can be attached to your walker with adjustable fasteners. They fit walkers of all sizes and can effectively hold a range of items, including smartphones, medicine, snacks, and clothes.

4. E-reader


Many seniors experience loss of vision as they age. They may become increasingly dependent on eyeglasses or other assistive devices. E-readers have enabled seniors to continue reading with ease because they can adjust the size of the text.

Many e-readers also have built-in lighting, which eliminates the need for a book light. They are small and compact. This benefits seniors because they do not have to struggle to hold up physical books, which weigh more. E-readers can also be used to read documents, such as PDFs, that are uploaded to the device.

5. Wireless Locators


Wireless locators use GPS technology to help seniors find items they are looking for. It is common for seniors to suffer from memory loss. They are more likely to forget where they have placed specific items or to misplace things at home.

Wireless locators have receivers that can be attached to critical items, such as your wallet, glasses, keys or remote controls. You can activate the controller if you have misplaced an item. The wireless locators will make a loud sound until you find them and deactivate the controller. They also have a light that flashes until deactivated.

Bonus: Swivel Pivot Disc Seat Cushion


The swivel pivot disc seat cushion safely attached to chairs. It can be used on automobile seats or on chairs in your home. It enables you to turn and position yourself to stand up with ease. The seat is designed to swivel a full 360 degrees.

Many seniors have mobility issues. They can use the swivel seat to turn to the door opening when exiting a vehicle. They can also use it to get up from chairs without bending awkwardly. This can reduce back strain and hip pain. It also decreases the chances of falling while sitting or standing up.