A Guide to Florida Window Maintenance

a window with a view of the ocean

As a homeowner in the state of Florida, preparing your home against natural disasters is essential. Although you may not know when the next storm hit, proper window maintenance will give you some peace of mind.

When it comes to efficient window installment, several factors come to play. The type of window you choose and the window installers getting the job done matter. After your new window has been installed, you’ll need routine maintenance to keep it sparkling and efficient all year round. Here’s a guide to efficient Florida window maintenance.

Periodic Inspection


The first step to excellent window maintenance is to check the conditions of your windows regularly. Put down the issues you identify as you inspect. Taking stock of the issues is an easy way to determine which areas need quick fixes and which ones require a professional touch. Not all issues can do with a DIY solution. If you’ve chosen to install impact windows, having window professionals on standby for your Florida impact windows can be helpful.

During window inspection, look out for broken hinges, leaks, cracks, and other issues with your window turning crank. The objective of this inspection is to take inventory of your window issues and not to fix them necessarily. But remember that some issues may leave you at the mercy of bad weather conditions and burglars. So, it’s advisable to take action when you can. If you have a caulk, you can seal off any draft or gaps in your windows pronto.

Window Insulation

Although Florida winters are typically warm, your window system must be airtight to keep out cold air or winds. There are many ways to have your glass windows insulated. You can opt for insulation panels that can cover the length and breadth of your window frames. Many glass repair technicians also recommend insulation films as an effective solution. While this film wards off outside air during the winter, it can also let in sunlight, which helps warm your windows. If you’re confused as to which option to take, this guide to insulating your windows can be helpful.

Seasonal Maintenance

Each season comes with different weather characteristics. These different weather conditions have several implications for your window maintenance. The hot weather in Florida, for instance, can be a grueling time for your window frames. Cold ice during the winter can also damage your window sash and hinges. It’s advisable to phase out your window maintenance. Keeping a list of actions to take in each season can be nothing short of a good idea.



Many people have subscribed to a yearly deep cleaning culture for their homes. While this isn’t a bad way to go, debris can form on windows any time of the year. Some seasons may come with more unwanted elements on your glass panes than others. In addition to an annual deep clean, you can have periodic cleaning exercises to keep your windows sparkling. Dirt on windows, if not dealt with in time, can be hard to clean later. Regular cleaning with non-abrasive cleaners and warm water can help your windows a great deal.

Wear and Tear

Your windows are likely to reduce in quality as they age. Freshly installed windows can’t function the same after several years of wear and tear. A bad fit, in particular, can make your windows less energy efficient. Even worse, your windows can become hard to lock, which puts you at risk of theft. On average, about one million burglaries occur in the United States each year. Moreover, about 23% of these break-ins happen through the windows. Old windows have always been a hotspot for burglars.