How Much Should Home Renovation Cost?

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Home renovation is popular among homeowners for various reasons, ranging from routine property maintenance to improving curb appeal. Spending is a key part of nearly every home improvement project, making cost a significant factor to consider before renovating.

There’s no single answer to how much every home renovation project should cost. Several factors, such as the type of property, the room being renovated, materials’ cost, and a variety of factors significantly influence the specific renovation costs. Nevertheless, there are fair ideas of how much to budget depending on the project you’re carrying out. Below are specific tips on what costs to expect when renovating your home.

Heating & Cooling Systems


The cost of renovating your cooling and heating system mainly depends on whether you’re conducting routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or specialty jobs. Your cost is also influenced by the specific part you may be replacing, if applicable. For example, a broken condensate drain tube may cost around $20 to replace, while broken condenser coils can cost up to $2900. Routine preventative maintenance such as changing your furnace’s filter, cleaning the thermostat, and cleaning condenser coils may be low-cost DIY projects that you’ll spend less on.

The size of your home can also influence costs for heating and cooling systems, as the right furnace size is necessary to generate enough heat appropriate to the house’s size. The system’s energy efficiency also matters, as more efficient systems save money in the long run but cost a lot of money to install upfront. Whatever the case, there’s a need for a good HVAC contractor to work on your system. Efficient HVAC companies such as West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning, and Solar can help with this need.

West Coast Heating, Air Conditioning, and Solar are HVAC professionals based in San Diego, CA, offering professional heating, air conditioning, and solar services. They determine the appropriate furnace size for your home to install the right size furnace or fireplace that generates the right amount of heat for your home. Their HVAC technicians also cater to a wide range of needs, from new HVAC system installation to ductwork maintenance.

Clients benefit from improved home air quality solutions and innovative products like ductless systems. What’s more, they provide solar services such as solar panel installation that can lower clients’ utility bills due to their commitment to maximizing energy efficiency and reducing our impact on the environment.

Whole House Renovations

For whole-house renovations, the type of house you’ll be renovating also gives you a good idea of what renovation costs to expect. An old house like an upper-fixer may require foundation repair, more structural work, installation of appliances, and other remodel projects around the entire house. Therefore, the costs of renovating a run-down house will undoubtedly be high. Alternatively, a new home will naturally provide lesser renovation costs. As a real estate investor, experts advise that you draw up a checklist of all necessary projects and get free estimates as the best way to know each project’s average cost before proceeding.

Paint Jobs

It’s common knowledge that paint jobs are a significant renovation project that can significantly boost your home’s resale value. The average cost for exterior painting is usually calculated per square footage of your home, so your home’s size will be a factor in determining the overall cost. HomeAdvisor estimates that painting an average home between 1,500 to 2,500 square feet costs between $1000- $6000.

Other factors such as the paint and material type contribute to costs, as materials like wood and vinyl cost less to paint than brick or stucco. Higher ceiling heights also mean harder to reach areas, requiring extra equipment, effort, time, and higher costs.

In conclusion, several factors account for how much a home renovation project should cost homeowners. Therefore, it would be best to seek out as much information as possible concerning your unique home type to know what to expect on each renovation project you may undertake.