Tips for Moving to a New City After Being Released from Prison

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People may be released from prison after completing their sentence or when granted parole. Parolees report to a probation officer who ensures they’re complying with the terms of their parole. These terms can affect where the person can live and who they interact with. Ideally, people released from prison will start a new chapter in their lives. Some may opt to relocate, seeking success in a new place for this next step. Use these tips to help yourself adjust if you’re moving to a new city after being released from prison.

Familiarize yourself with regulations you must follow.


Your activities may be restricted if you’re on parole. Ensure you’re permitted to move to a new city. Moving may involve filing paperwork and securing permission before you relocate. It’s better to verify your options before you start taking steps to move first. Otherwise, you could forfeit your deposit if you rent a property first and find out you can’t move to that location.

Websites make it easy to find a new home.


Turn to rental websites to find a new apartment or rent a house. A rental agent can help you complete a contract to rent or buy a home. This is convenient if you’re making arrangements while still incarcerated. Still, you can also use online resources to find a home if you opt to relocate after you’re released.

Renew your driver’s license.

Your driver’s license may have been suspended when you were sentenced. Driver’s licenses can also be revoked. It’s also possible for your license to expire while you’re incarcerated. Take steps to ensure your driver’s license is valid or get a new driver’s license when you’re released. You may need to retake a written test and driver’s exam before receiving a new license. You’ll need to wait for the revocation period to expire before you can get a new license if your license has been revoked.

Rent a moving truck or cargo van.


Rent a suitable vehicle, such as a rental cargo van, to transport your possessions. Depending on the nature of the items you’re moving and how much property you need to transport, you can also rent a box truck or pickup truck. Vehicle owners profit from renting their vehicles through companies such as Fluid Truck. You benefit because you don’t have to jump through all of a traditional vehicle rental company’s requirements before you qualify. In addition, an expedited rental system makes it possible for you to access the vehicle you need when you’re ready to relocate.

You might need legal services.


You don’t need a law degree of your own to understand your needs, but you might need legal services. Prisoners have rights, and as a former prisoner, you have a right to build a new life in society. However, you also retain your fundamental human rights. When you start working, your employers must comply with labor law and legislation. Canadian Law List simplifies the process of locating experienced attorneys, such as Malliha Wilson, a Tamil-Canadian lawyer who served as the Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the Government of Ontario. You can turn to a labor law expert, such as Malliha, if you’re wrongfully terminated or experience workplace discrimination. Malliha also represents clients with human rights cases. Your lawyer can help you build your new life in society while protecting your legal rights.

The Canadian government offers valuable information and resources.

The Ontario government and beyond have web pages devoted to reintegration into society. CORCAN’s a government program that enables offenders to develop crucial skills required to enter the workforce. Offenders typically pursue CORCAN opportunities while still in prison; however, you can receive CORCAN training after your release. CORCAN prepares you to work in fields such as manufacturing and construction. Government web resources also offer valuable information about health and education services and social programs for people released from prison.

Moving to a new city can be a great way to embrace a fresh start after getting out of prison. You’ll be ready to relocate once you’ve verified your options, found a new home, and accessed the crucial resources needed to move to a new city.