Weight-Loss Tips for Nursing Mothers

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Achieving your fitness goals as a new mom can be daunting, but weight maintenance doesn’t need to be stressful, nor should it affect your child’s feeding. If you’re a nursing mother looking to shed extra pounds, here are some weight-loss tips.

Choose the right weight-loss methods.


Several methods exist for new moms to lose weight, and choosing the right one can help avoid a waste of money and guarantee better results. The only way to guarantee peace of mind is to be thorough with your background search. Brands like SkinnyFit are well known for efficient detox products and health supplements, and most of their products are sourced from natural sources with no room for harmful ingredients and potential side effects to you or your baby.

As a new mom looking for a pick-me-up, SkinnyFit’s morning tea will help you jump-start your days and boost energy whilst maintaining your appetite. For more information on their other products, you can check SkinnyFit reviews for testimonials from other mothers. SkinnyFit’s research team also gathers individual results from users and publishes them on the brand’s official website, which will help you find the best products and dietary supplements.

Get enough rest.

Experts recommend that adults between ages 18 and 64 need up to nine hours of sleep per day. But according to Gallup surveys, the average person in the United States sleeps less than seven hours, and if you’re a new mom catering to your baby’s needs, your statistics may be lower. No doubt, sleep is a good thing for overall health and wellness, so depriving yourself of sleep can increase your appetite for simple carbohydrates, which increases weight gain.

If your baby makes it hard for you to sleep at night, you can try the daytime when your baby takes a nap. You can also get sleep nursing bras to give you convenient nursing access, ensuring breathability and maximum comfort. Nursing bras come with much support for both small and heavy breasts.

Drink plenty of water.

Adopting a good hydrating culture is good for your post-pregnancy weight-loss efforts, and water can help you shed extra pounds by boosting natural body functions like circulation and digestion. Medical experts reveal that clear fluids have a huge volume of empty calories. So, hydrating can help new moms avoid sugary beverages, which might slow their weight loss results. Drinking between 6 and 8 cups of water daily can be beneficial for the skin, as the water combines with the oil on your skin, forming a protective cover against ultraviolet rays.

Have a diet plan.


A huge part of weight loss depends on healthy eating. Consuming more greens is vital for your weight-loss journey as a nursing mother, as they’re full of iron, which is vital for infants over 6 months old. It’s also important to supplement carbohydrates with vital proteins and essential vitamins; however, healthy eating goes beyond eating a proper diet with all the essential vitamins and other nutrients. How quick or long it takes to eat your meals can influence the efficacy of food in your weight-management efforts. So, meal plans can be a great way to schedule your meals, maintain appetite control, and boost immunity.

Exercise moderately.

When we think about exercising, the picture of excessive gym sessions or long-distance running often appears, but that’s not always the best way to go. It’s essential to exercise, but play it safe. You can check with your doctor for regular exercise routines to avoid stiffness in your waist and joints due to long hours of inactivity. Many experts advise taking part in 20 minutes of light physical activity to boost your cardio functions. However, it doesn’t need to be rigorous. A brisk walk in the park pushing a stroller is enough.

Overall, postpartum weight gain is a common issue for many new moms, and leveraging these tips to maintain a healthy life for you and your baby can never be a miss.