Why Realtors Should Have Connections in the Industry

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Realtors are a unique asset in your corner when it comes time to either buy or sell a home. Real estate agents are the first call that many will make during this important phase of life, and for good reason. These professionals know the ins and outs of the real estate market like the back of their hands, and they will act as your guide to all things property while you’re making your way through the buying or selling experience.

Experienced salespeople will know many names and a vast number of workshops.


No matter how many homes you’ve been involved in the sale of in the past, a realtor will have more experience both broadly and in the local market that you’re contemplating a move within. The essential service that these pros offer can’t be replicated by an amateur salesman.

One area in which a realtor will combine prior knowledge and sales prowess is in the remodeling component of a home’s sale. One thing that homeowners often forget is that their property is not just a space for rest and relaxation—it’s a versatile financial asset that must be treated with care and an eye for fiscal opportunity.

Realtors understand this relationship between property and fiscal value better than most. As a result, real estate industry professionals take the time to forge relationships with contractors, technicians, and other pros who can help quickly improve the underlying value and interest level in a home before a listing goes live.

Similarly, a realtor who is working with clients to purchase homes will have connections beyond the industry in order to help you envision a home’s future potential as well. This need to build a network of relationships beyond the real estate industry itself is simply a part of the sales training that new hires go through in their early days in the business. A real estate sales team requires a highly skilled methodology and continuous assessment that only comes from a broad sales organization’s push to incorporate many additional friends into the business.

The Bathroom: An Example of Field Sales in Action


The best sales opportunities in the property market are those in which the seller is on board to beef up the versatility and interest level in the home. Sellers and remodeling companies, like a professional San Antonio bath remodel company, are connected through the salespeople who are working on their list early on in the sales process. The competitive advantage of a new bathroom is evident in the sales results that realtors are able to provide to their clients. These spaces in the home are often underrated in terms of importance, but a bathroom is truly a place of cleaning and relaxation.

A new bathtub, vanity, or cabinet space can really set a home apart from its competitors on the market and offers the best way to gain a foothold when it comes to interested potential buyers. The presentation of a home is crucial, and reinventing the bath space is a great way to speed up the buying process that will take place.

A new bathroom is a great selling tool for the best salespeople in the business. These professionals are able to highlight the recently renovated spaces and entice prospective customers into seriously considering the property as a result. Yet boosting the profit margin on a home on the market isn’t just about enjoying fast and effective sales. Locking in great price points on the renovation work itself is crucial to boosting the take-home profit of any sale and the best way to ensure this is to hire a realtor with long-running connections with external contractors.

The link between the best salespeople and high profits is clear—knowledge and a network of connections will get the job done every time.