How to Protect Your Photos in a Storage Unit

a close-up of a camera lens

If you’re running low on space in your home, you may be looking into self storage units in Clifton, NJ. Self-storage units can be a great option to free up valuable real estate in your home — these units give users easy access and a secure storage option that allows people to keep their belongings nearby. However, you need to be careful when storing certain items. Photos are one type of precious item that may require some extra care before they’re put into storage. So how can people protect their photos in a storage unit?

Keep photos separated

Whenever you’re storing photos, you want to make sure the photos aren’t actually touching each other. If photos touch each other, they may end up sticking together, ultimately ruining the picture. A great way to avoid photos touching each other is to put them in a photo album — even if it’s just one that allows you to slide pictures into place rather than a whole scrapbook, a photo album of some kind will help keep photos separated. If too many pictures are put into photo albums, photo storage boxes are going to be the next best option. Many photo boxes will come with some kind of separators or you can simply use sheets of acid-free paper to put in between pictures. Additionally, it’s important to keep photos that are in good condition away from photos that are in poor condition. If you put photos that are starting to rot and decay with photos that are in good condition, they may end up ruining the good pictures. Decaying photos can ruin other photos very quickly, so make sure to keep good and bad photos apart.

Consider the type of material

You have a lot of different options when it comes to photo storage. Many people choose photo boxes for scrapbooks, both of which are great options. However, it’s important to choose a storage method that is made of the right material — if photos are stored in a box or bag that is high in acid, it can end up ruining the photos. Fortunately, many high-quality photo boxes and albums are available that are acid-free. If you go the photo album route, make sure to pay attention to any adhesives that you’re using to stick the photos to the pages. Some adhesives can contain acid and sulfur that can quicken photo deterioration. And certain some colored pages can be made from harmful dyes so consider sticking with white paper. Overall, rather than storing photos in plastic bags or cardboard boxes, it’s best to invest in high-quality photo storage options. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your photos will be protected as best as possible while in storage.

Make digital copies

One of the best ways to protect photos is to make digital copies of them. Making digital copies of photos can help in numerous ways. First, you will always have your photos in case they do somehow get ruined while they’re in storage — digital copies help to protect your precious memories. And second, having digital copies allows you to look at your photos whenever you want. Even if your storage unit is nearby, you may not always want to go there to get some photos to share with friends or family. Instead, you can use a smart device like ibi that enables you to store, organize, and share photos online. This way, you can have access to your photos whenever you want. Make sure to check out some reviews of ibi to learn more about all the great things you can do with your photos.

A lot of great tools and objects are available to help protect photos. So before putting your photos into storage, consider these simple tips to make sure they’ll be safe.